TP007 Ilia Belorukov | Pedro Chambel | Bruno Duplant | Kurt Liedwart quiet place recomposed

quiet place   recomposed

Ilia Belorukov: alto saxophone,objects, ipod and  mini-amp
Pedro Chambel: sinewaves and noises
Bruno Duplant: organ and concept
Kurt Liedwart: analog synthesizer and electronics

art and photography by Anu Tuominen

Truly free adaptation of an Edgar Allan Poe novel "the fall of the house of Usher", the piece was lately recomposed.

to D C.

Edition of 50
6 euros + shipping

Vital Weekly
Theme Park For Ear, Goh Lee Kwang's imprint for more spontaneous releases, improvised music and whatever else impromptu from the world of electronic music. The first is by a quartet of busy bees: Ilia Belorukov (alto-saxophone, objects, ipod & mini-amp), Pedro Chambel (sinewaves & noises), Bruno Duplant (organ & concept), Kurt Liedwart (analog synthesizer & electronics). "Truly free adaption of an Edgar Allan Poe novel, 'the fall of the house of Usher', the piece was lately recomposed", it says on the cover. I have read the story (albeit ages ago), but had I not read this on the cover, I think I would not have gotten this out of the music. It seems that these four players set out to play concentrated bits of a longer piece, with tiny gaps in between. All of this is course highly carefully done, with slow developments, small changes, deep sine waves and minimalist moves. It's a great music for sure, but I didn't get the supposed narrative aspect of it. Also I thought it was a bit too long at forty-nine minutes for the amount of variation it had to offer.
- Frans De Waard -